After the Healing Touch class I had gained the ability to sense and feel auras.  My next adventure would be to visibly see an aura.

This became my top priority. I immersed myself into learning everything I could about auras.

What is an Aura?

I started with the basics. What is an aura? The scientific term for aura is Bio-Energetic-Field. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body.

The electromagnetic field is created through the body’s chemical processes. The chemical processes produce electrical currents. Those currents form the aura.

What role does the Aura play in Energy Healing?

In energy healing the aura is called the body’s energy field. It is believed that body’s energy field is directly linked to a person’s health and vitality.

An aura has multiple layers. Each layer is related to a certain aspect of w-holistic wellness. This means that each layer holds information about the person’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

There can be multiple colors within an aura. Each color provides a further clue to the person’s w-holistic wellness.

Energy healing supports and facilitates balance back to the body’s energy field, the aura. Without the aura energy healing wouldn’t be possible.

Auras and Art History

Art history shows us that seeing auras was once more common than it is now. Auras were often painted around the subject sitting for the painting. Because a strong bright aura indicated health and wisdom. 

I found it interesting that, Queen Elizabeth wore crowns to emulate having a large aura. Also, she wore ruffs that were a foot wide to indicate that her aura was stronger than others.

Seven Ways to see an Aura

After reading books, watching videos and talking to other Energy Healers about auras I found 7 ways to see an aura.

Each of these 7 approaches are all exercises on how to expand your vision.

We have become accustomed to seeing things head on. Whatever is directly in front of us is what we see. Think about it. . . phones, laptops, tablets have all narrowed our focus.

We aren’t taking in the totality of what our eyes are capable of seeing. This is a major key to seeing auras.

1. Peripheral Vision

I needed to shift away from using my central line of vision to using my peripheral line of vision. Peripheral vision is what you see at the edge of your eye sight. It also, gets to your brain 25% faster than central vision. Weird, huh?

Anyways, to practice using my peripheral vision I would sit and concentrate on something in front of me. Then I would ask myself to describe the things I could see using my peripheral vision.

I found that this technique worked best when I wasn’t in a familiar setting such as my home. That way I was really having to stretch my line a vision and truly get the details of the things I was seeing. This ensured I wasn’t using my memory to fill in the gaps.

By expanding my vision to see more of the subtleties that were surrounding me I was training my eyes to see things that were “unseen” before.

After enough practice describing the things in my peripheral vision I began to incorporate trying to see an aura in my side vision.

I would take my hand and place it within the scope of my side vision. I would start to describe what I was seeing around my hand. To be honest this didn’t work very well for me. However, it was an important step along the way to seeing auras.

2. Afterimages

An afterimage occurs in a person’s vision once they have stopped viewing an image. The afterimage is not identical to the original image it often appears in a different color.

This article  by  Scientific American has a color wheel you can use to practice seeing afterimages.

I wish I would have seen that tool back when I was learning to see auras. Alas, I had to do things the old fashioned way.

Drew three circles on a white sheet of paper. I colored one circle red, one blue and one green. I would stare at each circle and then quickly glance over to a blank white sheet of paper. For a split second I would see an afterimage.

This exercise was useful in training my mind to see the unseen. It created a different awareness that auras will not always be defined and solid. Instead, auras are somewhat transparent and if you try to focus on them they will dissipate from your vision.

3. Fixed Gaze

Practicing seeing my own aura was my next challenge. Sitting across from a neutral background. The lights were dimmed so that it wasn’t too bright or too dark. I made certain that shadows weren’t being cast.

By vigorously rubbing my palms together I created a stronger aura. I extended my arm with my palm facing the wall. Spreading my fingers apart I fixed my gaze just beyond my fingers.

I observed what I can only compare to heat radiating off of a road. There was a small haze emanating from my fingers. Once I tried to focus it would disappear and I would have to start over.

The more I practiced the more I would begin to see my aura. It would always start off in a in a clear haze that had a sort of movement to it. Then I would begin to see a translucent blue encase my fingers like a glove.

I was seeing the first layer of my aura!

4. Kirlian Photography

During my attempts to see auras I had attended the Victory of Light psychic fair. I kept seeing people walk around with photos of themselves with halos of color surrounding them.

I stopped and asked a lady who was carrying one such photograph, “What the deal was with the pictures?” She explained to me that it was a Kirlian Photograph of her aura. I was intrigued! I had to investigate!

To take a Kirlian Photograph you would sit in front of a black background and place your hands on a device that would run a small electrical current to illuminate your aura. At which time they would capture your photograph.

I wish I had bought a Kirlian Photograph of myself at the time because that would make an excellent picture for this post, but alas I was too cheep! I promise the next  time I go I will get one and update the post!

5. Mirror Gaze

Now that I had experienced seeing the aura of my hand I wanted to attempt seeing my full aura. The only way I knew how to do this was with a mirror.

I’m sure I looked quite vain staring at myself in the mirror. However, I was actually staring past myself in the same way that I did with my hand.

I wasn’t having much luck until I started using my non-dominant eye. My left eye is naturally weaker than my right eye. I found that using my weaker eye produced a different visual perception.

There was a clear haze that morphed into a translucent golden glow  that radiated about an inch off of my body. I could only maintain the image of my aura for about fifteen seconds.

6. Energy Field Observation

After much practice with all the exercises above I felt like I was ready to move forward and try to see an aura of someone else.

I had my friend stand against a white wall. Not right up on the wall but next to the wall. I stood about three feet away. I grounded myself and took three deep breaths. Inhaling and exhaling letting the air deflate and inflate my lungs.

Softening my gaze, I patiently observed the energy field surrounding them. I watched as their aura appeared in a soft glow and dissipate away. I remained calm and relaxed and watched as their aura would appear again.

Without trying I was able to see the a few layers of their aura. It appeared as clear wave at first, then a layer of blue and the next layer was a greenish color.

7. Third Eye

Because I could only maintain a visual image of an aura for a few seconds, I decided to try something different. I was becoming more confident with my empathic and intuitive abilities. Therefore, I was going to try to use my mind’s eye to visualize auras.

My friend, Sharon, was able to see auras all the time since she was a small child. She agreed to work with me on building this intuitive ability.

We would go to a park and watch as people walked by. As they passed by I would try to visualize what each person’s aura looked like. I would then tell Sharon my description of each person’s aura.

Sharon would confirm that I was mostly accurate with what she saw. We would compare each others descriptions until we had a better understanding of what I was visualizing. To this day it is still one of our favorite games to play.

Extra Tips to Seeing Auras

What I understand as a necessity in honing the ability to see an aura is that you cannot force it. You must be relaxed. It is better to see auras in soft light without shadows.

Also, if you are practicing seeing your own aura it is helpful to invigorate your aura first before attempting to see it. Rub your hands together, exercise or do something that will get your blood flowing.

Furthermore, if you are practicing seeing auras, a side-effect that can happen is that you start to see more things that are “unseen”.  Essentially, you are opening up your third eye. You can start to see other energy as little balls of lights zipping across the room. I don’t say this to scare you, rather, to inform you.

Reading Auras

The next part of seeing auras is to be able to read them. Understanding all the intricacies of the aura would be a more in-depth lesson I would learn later. I knew that once I was able to see auras I would want to be able to read and interpret what I was seeing.

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