Clearing negative energy is a way to reset and rebalance the energetic influences in your life. There are two types of energetic influences. Sheng Chi, which I will equate to positive energy.  Sha Chi, which I  refer to as negative energy.

“Sheng Chi energy is positive, fresh, vibrant and full of life. Sha Chi is negative decaying, lifeless, and disease giving energy.”

Imbalance of Sheng Chi and Sha Chi may not be seen but they can be felt. Imbalance can be from deficiencies or surpluses of either types of Chi.


High – Strung




If you have been experiencing any of those symptoms it is time to rebalance the energy. Clearing negative energy is a way to manipulate and distribute Sheng Chi and Sha Chi energy. It will help bring balance back to your Inner Chi and the Chi of a room.

Becoming Aware

Realizing and acknowledging the need to clear negative energy is the key in bringing back harmony. Taking responsibility and participating in changing the energy dynamic is the first step to creating a healing space.


Energy vortexes can be created by the chaotic people who reside in the space. They can also be created by clutter, lack of light and fresh air. Taking an honest look at what may be causing the energy disturbance is the second step to clearing negative energy.

Energy vortexes leave imprints on energy fields. Energy fields of people, places and things are similar to a sponge. Imprints are made when an energy field absorbs and collects the emotions and thoughts of the surrounding energetic influencers. Finding the energy influencers will better enable space clearing.


If the space feels heavy, dark and ominous it may be because of the energetic imprints that have been stored and collected there. Claiming the space by setting your intentions is imperative. Often when we can’t shake the feeling of something foreboding it is because we feel stripped of our power. When you feel that the negative energy has more power over you or a hold on you it is time to claim your power.

Claiming the space is the start of any cleansing ritual. Stepping into the space owning your power and stating “Only 100 percent love and light shall reside here all else must leave now.”  Setting this intention helps to release any emotional energy that has accumulated over the years, especially if the energy was from a traumatic event.


The quickest way I have found to change the vibration of a room is appealing to as many of the five senses as possible. I do this by bringing in fresh air, lots of light, playing music and burning incense.

I’m a huge fan of Tibetan Bells because they change the energy vibration much quicker than other techniques. Here is one of my favorites:


Clearing negative energy with the elemental power of crystals is another option. Hematite is often used to ground and dispel energy. This shiny black crystal purifies emotions. Another fun feature of hematite is that it is magnetic. Because of these properties hematite is a good crystal to have if you are an empath.

Cleanse negative energy with black tourmaline. This stone traps and contains negative energy. I’m highly cautious of this stone simply because it does absorb and contain dark energy very well. It is important to cleanse black tourmaline often; otherwise, it will become an energy influencer with a negative imprint.

Another stone to use for clearing negative energy is black obsidian. This stone is wonderful for cleansing negative psychic energy. It also acts as a shield to protect against negative energy.


Washing over people, places or things with the smell of scared herbs will clear negative energy. Smudging is a ritual that banishes low vibrations and blocked energies.

Sage is a great cleanser. Sage is most frequently used to eliminate negative energy. Sweet grass will attract angels and positive energy. Frankincense can ease depression. It can also, cleanse and protect the soul. Myrrh has healing properties.


Clearing negative energy is all about empowerment and overcoming the things we fear. Building yourself up and taking care of yourself is a way to gain power.  Finding your inner voice is another way to overcome negative energy.

By acknowledging the presence of an imbalance in energy and taking responsibility to bring back the harmony you can dispel negative energy. Empower yourself by using the above tips will help you to re-balance the energetic influences in your life.

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