Energy Healing through words you speak. I’ve been mulling over this message for about two months now.

However, each time I go to write a post or make a video about this subject the universe tells me to wait. I kept receiving and learning more and more about the power of words.

I know I will continue to learn about this topic. I’m positive I will need to update this post in the future.

Healing Myself

After I was diagnosed with Graves Disease I went on a quest to find answers. As an Energy Healer I knew that my throat chakra was out of balance.

There were several energy healing techniques I was utilizing. Along with alternative healing methods that that were coupled with Western Medicine.I was doing everything I knew how to in order to relieve my symptoms.

Nothing was working. After I would clear up one symptom another would appear. I was becoming mentally and emotionally drained.

I needed a spiritual answer. Naturally, like most of my spiritual quests this one began at a bookstore.

Finding the Message

For some reason I always find a message that resonates with me while flipping through pages of random books. This time wasn’t any different.

Once again, I found myself standing in the spiritual aisle of Barnes and Nobles. There wasn’t any one thing in particular that I was looking for.

I blankly gazed at the shelf in front of me. I waited for a book that would stand out from the rest. Then I saw it. A small orange and blue book.

I don’t remember the name of the author or the book. However, I do remember the message I received from that little book.

Casting Spells

There on the page in front of me was a paragraph about gossiping. In short, it stated that gossiping was a form of black magic.

Hello! That immediately got my attention. Black magic, really? How can that be?

What I knew of black magic wasn’t much. I did know that it was often a chanted incantation. Black magic incantations are used to cast harm on someone or something.

I never thought that casual conversation could have the same power as a dark incantation. That is some serious business! Black magic in everyday conversation?

Energy Influencer

To summarize, the passage was about how our words have the ability to cast spells. Spells that imprint on the person being spoken to, spoken about and spoken from.

As an Energy Healer I knew words had power. Words are a form of energy.

I concluded that words are expressions of feelings. Feelings most certainly had the capability to influence energy.

Have you ever been in a room with an angry person? An angry person who is yelling? If so than you know that their anger had a major influence on the energy in the room.

Our feelings have the ability to cheer us up or bring us to our knees. Therefore, words carry the power to heal or destroy.

Power in Words

Words can be an emotional poison or a healing salve. The best way to determine what energy vibration a word carries is to ask a simple question. How does this word make me feel?

Words that are associated with fear, lack, uncertainty and discontent have lower frequency.

Words that identify with joy, fulfillment, harmony and abundance will have a much higher vibration.

Choosing words that are nourishing rather than debilitating is key to energy healing through words.

Forgotten Wisdom

The message of words being like spells began to seep into my soul. Granted, it was a message I heard years ago from my bible study days.

There are probably 10 bible quotes that I can think of off the top of my head that would reinforce this notation.  This idea that words have power to create has been around a long time.

I knew this message. It was forgotten this message.

Was I living this message? I began to wonder how much of my everyday language was impacting my health.

Could words play a role in my healing?

Healing Elixir

I tossed the idea around that words could help to heal my thyroid issues. I began to believe that changing the way I spoke would become my healing elixir.

After all, the thyroid is located at the center of the throat chakra. It was time for me to take inventory on how I was speaking about people and circumstances in my life.

It wasn’t pretty. I was gossiping. Not necessarily talking poorly of others, but still talking about how others agitated me.

I was speaking about the circumstances in my life in an unfavorable way. This analysis was eye opening. I needed to change my words. I needed to change my story.

Changing Behavior

I took a cue from Thumper’s mom and chose not to say anything at all if I didn’t have something nice to say. I would catch myself when I started to speak adversely of things.

Changing the subject abruptly was one of my favorite tactics to avoid unfavorable topics. This was my vein attempt to avoid uttering any lower vibrating feeling, thoughts and emotions.

I was starting to feel positive. Cutting off those lower vibrations at the pass felt productive. I was not bringing negative energy into fruition vis-a-vis the law of attraction.



I felt as if I was taking an active role in utilizing energy healing through words.

In actuality I was nowhere near shifting my energy through the words I spoke.  The universe laughed at me. Silly girl, you are only scratching the surface.

After all, I wasn’t saying any words now.  I was keeping the words to myself. I was harboring them. The emotions behind those unspoken words was still there, lingering.

I was reminded of the saying “What you feel you attract, what you think you become.” Even though I wasn’t speaking negative words I was still feeling them. The Law of attraction was still at play.


This wasn’t just about stopping the lower vibrating words from entering my vocabulary. I was missing the bigger picture.

It was a Tuesday morning when I would find the missing piece of the puzzle. Looking through my Facebook feed I saw it. There amongst the updates from my friends was a post that would become my ah-ha moment.

Here is what I saw:



That little post was exactly what needed. Something just clicked inside my brain. I can acknowledge my situations and circumstances. I can even talk about them.

However, it is in how I talk about them that can make the difference. Shit is going to happen in life.  I need to be able to acknowledge it in a way that isn’t detrimental to myself or others.

Just like that, with one small shift in perspective my inner dialogue began to change. The energy of my words were morphing from lower frequencies to higher vibrations.


The Facebook post acknowledged that she was running behind. It may have been through no fault of her own. It could have been totally her fault.

Regardless, she acknowledged her tardiness and said “Thank you for waiting on me”. What a simple shift from “Sorry I was late”.

This wasn’t just a shift in words it was a shift in feelings. She went from feeling bad about her actions to feeling grateful for those that loved and understood her.

I began to look for more opportunities to shift my words and emotions into higher vibrations.

Here are a few things that aided me in activating energy healing through words.


Energy Healing through words:


No problem – > You’re Welcome! or Definitely!

Can’t Complain – > Everything is really well, thank you!

I’m exhausted – > I want to rest.

Don’t – > I like it when . . .

I missed you so much! – > It is great to see you again!

I’m damaged -> I am healing

I’m broken -> I’m rediscovering myself

I’m at rock bottom -> I’m starting over


Phrases to ditch:


I should

I ought to

I must

I have to

I need to

I am supposed to

By ditching these words you are releasing negative connotation behind them which is GUILT.

As the saying goes “Don’t should all over yourself!” Instead, empower these phrases with I WOULD LIKE to or I WANT TO.

Healing Finances

One of my biggest hurdles to overcome in energy healing through words were the words I spoke about my finances.

Whenever I spoke about my finances my words reflected fear and scarcity. I said things like “I’m broke” or “I don’t have enough for that right now”.

I desperately needed to change this dialogue. I found an amazing and simple way to change the energy of my feelings and words surrounding money with one simple blessing.

Before I spend money on anything I now say “Thank you and there is more where that came from.”

It went from cursing my finances to blessing them. I’m thankful I have the money to pay my bills. I’m thankful I have the money to eat out. I’m thankful that I have this money to give.

Now my feelings around my finances have changed. I know there is always more. I know that my funds will always be replenished.

I encourage you to do this as well. Change your words around your fiances and you will go from scarcity to abundance.


Energy healing through words helped me to shift into a higher vibration. My healing began once I was able to make the shift in my perception through the use of my language.

I began to feel lighter and brighter. I began to have more hope. I began to be happy more often.

What was astonishing to me is that it became natural to me. I didn’t have to remind myself or force myself to watch my words.

My symptoms of Graves disease started to show improvement. I felt like I had my vitality once again.

Unexpected Results

There was something I didn’t expect from energy healing through words. Decisions became easier for me.

Before I was always deliberating between my choices. I would often re-analyze and look back with regret on my decisions.

Now I face a decision and I keep it simple. I go with my first instinct and move on. I’m more pleased with my decisions.

This all came because I changed my words. In changing my words I changed my perspective on life.


I didn’t have to keep a gratitude journal. There was no need to make it a task or a chore to be more grateful.

I found that gratitude sprung from me naturally. I had harmony, well-being, joy and enrichment.

Lessons Learned

Stop complaining, start acknowledging with gratitude.

No more sarcasm, start being forgiving.

Get rid of words with negative connotation, rephrase with positive affirming speech.

Pay attention to your thoughts transform them into feelings of fulfillment and gratitude.

Use conscious language that will encourage harmonious behaviors and positive reponses in others.

Let go of guilt, acknowledge the lesson and forgive yourself.

Use the word my less. My associates things as a personal attack on yourself.

Speak to yourself like you would to someone you love

Words are energy use them wisely.

Words cast spells.

Sculpt your words into beautiful spells for your life.

Twelve years ago I began my quest for healing. I felt ill, lost, broken and heartsick. I experienced profound results with energy healing. We can become so lost in our illness and circumstances in life that we lose all hope. If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to start your quest for healing with Energy Healing Blog.


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