Feel Healing Energy in Your Hands

The ability to feel energy healing in my hands was one of the more fascinating things for me on my journey to becoming and Energy Healer.

After I had mastered the use of a pendulum it was time for me to truly understand what my hands could tell me about energy healing.

The one technique that Freya, my Reiki Master, had taught me was to make an energy ball between my hands.

Energy Ball

I started to practice making energy balls in order to really pay attention to how healing energy felt when I was channeling it.

First, I started with my hands in a prayer position. The longer I kept my hands in this position the warmer they felt.  This was a true indicator for me that something was happening!

This was because I naturally ran cold. My hands in particular were always frigid ice cubes. This was not the case when I ran healing energy through them. They would get so hot that my hands would start to sweat.

Next Step

Once I felt my hands warm up I would move them an inch or two apart. I would hold this position for a few moments until I could feel the energy build.

The energy felt like it was expanding and contracting. It would feel dense as if it were sticking to my fingers.

I continued to move my hands further apart inch by inch until I had an energy ball that was about 5 inches around.

Increased Awareness

Making energy balls increased my awareness of what energy healing felt like in my hands. It was tingly, dense and warm. Healing energy had a pulse. Its expansion would almost breath in and out.

My personal energy would increase. I would go from being tired to feeling energetic after I ran healing energy through my hands.

My mood would change. If I started running healing energy while I was feeling melancholy I would begin to feel joyful. This change in mood was very reminiscent of how I felt after my first Reiki session.

Placing Energy

The next thing I did to experiment with how energy healing felt in my hands was to place energy into objects.

First u was my bed. I set my intention that the energy would help me to sleep better at night. I placed my hands on top of my mattress.

Just as I did when practicing with the energy ball, I waited to feel the energy. This time, however, I didn’t feel it so easily.  Actually, I didn’t feel it at all.

Try Again

I was discouraged when I couldn’t feel the energy when I tried to place it in my mattress. Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to let that stop my from trying.

I decided a smaller object might be easier to start with. I grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it between my hands.

This time the energy began to flow. I envisioned it going from front to back and side to side. Almost willing it to move through the pillow.

After about five minutes the pillow began to feel as if it were expanding and contracting. Paying closer attention, I could sense when the the pillow was full of energy healing.

That Night

As I crawled into bed, I was curious to see if the energy healing had stayed in the pillow. I wondered if I would sleep any better. Although, I was afraid I may not sleep at all because when I channel energy healing I became almost hyper.

I laid my head on the pillow and fell asleep quickly. I slept solidly through the night and woke up refreshed the next morning. To be honest, I was surprised. I couldn’t wait to try placing energy into other objects.

Stuffed Bunny

I wanted to place energy into something that would comfort and soothe my son. He always had such a hard time falling asleep.

I found his favorite stuffed animal, Hop Hop, a stuffed toy bunny. I cradled Hop Hop in my arms and set my intention.

My intention was to put a mother’s love into my son’s most cherished toy. I wanted the energy healing to provide gentle energy that felt like comfort and safety.

Like the pillow the little stuffed bunny began to pulse with energy. It was a slow gentle pulse. My hands were warm. They felt like a blanket enveloping Hop Hop.

Hop Hop

My son held Hop Hop tightly in his arms each night as he fell asleep. He seemed to be lulled to a gentle slumber more readily.

He began asking for Hop Hop whenever he needed extra comfort.  As he grew Hop Hop continued to stay by his side.

To this day every now and then I place more loving energy into Hop Hop. I can still see the effects of how placing healing energy into his beloved toy has made an impact.

Continuing Growth

My understanding of energy healing was growing. I began to feel more comfortable in using it. I would continue learning how to pick up on and sense what the energy was telling me.

My next endeavor was to not only sense the energy but be able to interpret what the energy was telling me.





Twelve years ago I began my quest for healing. I felt ill, lost, broken and heartsick. I experienced profound results with energy healing. We can become so lost in our illness and circumstances in life that we lose all hope. If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to start your quest for healing with Energy Healing Blog.


  1. This is a great idea! I have been running healing energy through my office as I work in a mental health setting where my patients need it, but I never thought to do it with objects for a specific purpose!

    1. This is one of my favorite techniques. I can’t wait to hear how this works for you! What an awesome thing you are doing energizing and clearing the office!

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