Inner Voice
Find Your Inner Voice

When you find your inner voice you have the ability to express your truths through confident decision making. Your inner voice is crucial in balancing what is right and wrong for you. When you have a strong inner voice you have the ability to live more authentically.

That sounds great right? The ability to make difficult decisions with ease. To know which right path. After all many of us have spent our time, money and energy searching outside of ourselves for the answers to life’s complexities.

We are all looking for the answers to love, relationships, career path, health and spirituality. We are trying to find the hidden compass that will help us navigate through life’s ups and downs.

That hidden compass is your inner voice.  The inner voice resides inside your soul and is conveyed through your throat chakra.

If you have trouble with shyness, thinking clearly, tension headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain or anxiety attacks those are all a strong indicators that your throat chakra is out of balance.  An imbalanced throat chakra can cause difficulties with decision making and knowing your authentic truth.

Bring your throat chakra into balance if you want to turn the volume up on your inner voice. I find the best way to do this is to boost the sensory function of the throat chakra which is hearing. Listen to the world around you free from electronic devices.  You can do this by unplugging from all your devices and find a nice quiet spot to sit and listen.

The ears, throat and nose are all connected. Therefore, practice your breath work while you are listening. Also, inhaling and exhaling deeply helps to bring calm to the body, mind and spirit.

As you sit, listen and breath let go of your expectations. Concentrate on all the sounds around you and within you. Be receptive to whatever is happening during this time of listening. Don’t feel the need that your mind has to be blank or that you should be hearing a message, just be attentive and mindful.

Being attentive will allow your mind to flush out all the ciaos. In the stillness your mind chatter will start to become louder and more rapid. Don’t try to quiet your rapid thoughts.  Simply acknowledge what your mind chatter is saying. Give your thoughts space to exist but not a space to dwell in. At first it will feel counterproductive. However, if you stick to it your mind will slow and your inner voice will have room to grow.

Letting your thoughts pass through but not linger puts your body, mind and spirit into a state of accepting and receiving. The more you do this listening technique your mind will quiet itself more quickly and soothe those worries and fears more readily. Your inner voice will become stronger and clearer because you have provided it the space it needed to grow. As this occurs, the easier it will be for you to hone in on your inner voice.

Remember to find your inner voice listen, breath, be mindful, surrender your thoughts and be receptive to your inner knowing. Then you will find the certainty that comes with your authentic truth and decisions will be made with ease.


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