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After my experiments with sensing and interpreting healing energy I wanted to find a course that would provide a thorough explanation of energy healing.

In my research I purchased a book about Healing Touch. What I learned that Healing Touch courses counted as continuing education contact hours.

This meant I found a complete and comprehensive guide to energy healing. I was so excited!

Certified Practitioner

At that time, in Cincinnati it was difficult to find a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. After asking around I found an instructor. There was very little information on the instructor. Not to mention, even less information on the class.

I was only able to communicate with the instructor via email. She sent me a few details about the class. Where it was located and how much it would be. Also, to bring my own lunch.

The cost of the class was upwards of $400. It took me a few months to save enough money to be able to afford the class.

First Class

I’m going to be honest with you. I did not have a favorable experience with my Healing Touch class nor my instructor.

Even writing about this makes me cringe. The instructor was hateful and belittled me. I didn’t know there was a rivalry between Healing Touch and Reiki.  Reiki, in her opinion was “garbage energy healing”. Therefore, because I knew Reiki I must be a garbage energy healer.

I found the instructor to be arrogant. She was definitely coming from a place of ego. She didn’t enjoy the fact that I already knew a lot of what she was teaching because of my own personal research and experience.

I came to her class to learn. Instead, I ended up being ostracized in the class. She even made a spectacle of me. I was humiliated. However, I preserved because I wanted to absorb any knowledge on energy healing that I could.

Putting my feelings aside I was able to leave the class with a better knowledge and understanding of energy healing.

Centering Self

One of the best things I learned from the Healing Touch class was the importance of centering and grounding myself before an energy healing.

Grounding is a way to protect yourself from absorbing the the other persons energy. It also helps to prevent you from pushing your energy onto the other person.

Standing with with my feet evenly spaced apart on the ground. I would focus on my feet and visualize roots of energy shooting from my feet deep down into the center of the earth.

I would envision earth energy pulling up to my knees, then my hips, stomach, heart, throat, forehead and the top of my head. I would gain a sense of connectedness. Then I would be fully present and centered.

Energy Systems

One of the other things I was able to gain is a better grasp on the body’s energy systems. I was aware of the body’s energy field, centers and pathways. However, I knew them as the aura, chakras and meridians.

Healing Touch went one step further in their explanation of the energy field. They explained the energy bodies. I call the energy bodies the layers of the aura. Each energy body had a very specific function.

I’ll be honest some of the explanations seemed far-fetched even for me. The energy bodies that I really took note of at that time were layers 1-3.  The first layer was the Etheric Field, which, is closely linked to the physical body.

The second layer was the Emotional Field. I’m sure you can probably guess that it is a layer of  energetic emotions that surround the body. The third layer was the Mental Field. This field was closely linked to thoughts and thought patterns.

Assessing Energy

Another ah-ha moment came when I learned how to assess the energy field. Holding your hands five feet away from the person’s physical body you can feel the aura.

Scanning enables the Energy Healer the ability to sense where energy disruptions begin. Assessing where the energy disturbance was in the aura allowed better insight into how to handle the energy healing session.

Energy Descriptors

In the class they spoke about common descriptors of the energy field. Paying attention to how your client describes their issues provides insight into the type of energy blockages they may have.

The descriptors fell into six categories: movement, temperature, disruptions, sensation, visual and auditory.

This made complete and total sense to me. These were also, descriptors I would use when providing an energy healing. This is what I was sensing and interpreting about healing energy.

Here are some of the energy descriptors that I would use when working on a client: dense, vibrating, icy, burning, empty, drained, expansive, tingling, dark and muddy.

The intake session is just as important as the energy healing session. It maps out a plan of what needs attention during the session.

Energy Techniques

Healing Touch is very methodical and clinical. They have a technique for almost everything. There are different hand movements, visualizations and stances to perform during a session.I really enjoyed learning about each technique. However, it was overwhelming!

Here are a few of the energy techniques I learned: magnetic passes, magnetic clearing, chakra connection, pain management, the laser, headache techniques, chakra spread, mind clearing and the schudder technique.

I do still use some of these techniques. However, I feel that for me they cause anxiety. I end up questioning myself and losing my grounding. Am I doing the right technique? Am I doing the technique accurately? Those sorts of doubts are not helpful during a session.

I have to trust that I am intuitive and will instinctively know what to do. That energy will flow where it needs to and energy will be cleared where it should be.

Tuning In

I think the best thing I took away from that class is how to collaborate with the person you are working with. It is important that as an Energy Healer that I am in tune with the person’s intention for the healing session.

Taking time to listen to the person that I’m working with ensures that we are both in alignment. Listening to the energy descriptors gives me a more w-holistic view.

The energy healing session becomes more powerful when there is clear goal in mind. It empowers the person to partake in their own healing.

Assessment Form

The last thing I took away from the class was something called an assessment form. It is a form with an outline of a body both front and back.

The Energy Healer is to complete the form after an energy healing session. Drawing and notating anything they felt or picked up on during the session. This form is used to track the progress of each session.

I personally do not use this form after my energy healing sessions. Instead, I use it before my energy healing sessions. I like to scan someone and write down what I intuitively pick up on before I even meet with them.

By doing this I was built my confidence in my intuitive ability. I was able to see what the issues were beforehand and have them confirmed by the clients descriptors.  When they left I could see that there was a impact from the healing session.

No Thanks

I decided I would not be taking another Healing Touch class again. I was pleased that I was able to gain more insight into energy healing. But, Healing Touch didn’t gel with who I was. It didn’t resonate with me.

This would not be the end of my energy healing journey. It was only a step along the way. I was ready to continue my quest and go back to my roots in Reiki.



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