Harness the power of the full moon 

Full moon ritual to harness the power of the moon

A full moon ritual will helps us to harness the power of the moon.  A full moon ritual helps us to add distinction, reverence and awe to our experience. It increases our involvement and awareness by adding depth and distinction to the event of the full moon.

Every full moon carries with it a surge of energy that amplifies whatever is going on in your mind, body and spirit. A full moon ritual allows you to tap into this time of heightened psychic sensitivity and use it to merge with the infinite.

Celebrate the emergence of new possibilities while shedding off the old perceptions, perspectives and experiences. It is the perfect opportunity to incubate creativity and to envision your dreams manifesting.

To tap into the transformational power of the full moon, set aside quality time and claim the space around you for ceremony.

Full Moon Ritual 1: Charge Your Crystals

Full moon ritual using crystalsIf you have any crystals bring them out and set them in place where they can bathe in the moon light. This will act like a battery charger for your crystals allowing you to access the power of the full moon after it has passed.

Full Moon Ritual 2. Bring in the Water

Full moon ritual with waterYou can connect to the feminine energy of the full moon by placing water around you. Sit by a fountain, pool, lake, a bowl of water or take a bath. Water allows the full moon energy to be           reflected around the space.  It provides a way to cleanse and absorb the old energy.

Full Moon Ritual 3: Burn it Away

Full moon ritual with fireTo release that which no longer serves you, write your troubles down on a piece of paper. Light    a candle and burn the paper and your troubles away. Speak your intention out loud “Troubles     be gone, I release you to be surrendered leaving me free of ____”.

 Full Moon Ritual 4: Send Blessings

Full moon ritual with prayerUse the increased energy to amplify your prayers to those in need. Because it is a time of heightened emotional sensitivity your prayers will have an increased emotional impact for those that you prayer for.

Full Moon Ritual 5: Dream Big

full moon ritual to boost manifestationMerge with the connectivity of the universe. Spend some time being creative and thinking on what you would like to manifest in your life. Make a vision board or journal about your hopes and dreams. I like to write my aspirations down in red ink on a purple piece of paper. I put the paper in a silver box and place it in the moonlight.

Full Moon Ritual 6: Time to Heal

Full moon ritual with the healing artsScheduling a session for massage, reiki, healing touch or a psychic reading are ways to take advantage of the energy of the full moon. All these healing arts are magnified during this time period.

Full moons rituals collect the increased energy of the full moon and harness it in a way that is meaningful and intentional.  Your intention coupled with the amplified energy aides in manifesting your dreams, healing, releasing, blessing and charging your aspirations.



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