Use the energy of the Phoenix to heal after loss.

Healing After Loss with the PhoenixThere is a legend of a mythical bird named the Phoenix.  This beautiful creature can self-heal and regenerate after a fiery ending. Did you catch that? Not just any ending a smoky, fiery, impossible to come back from type of ending!

When the Phoenix grows weary it builds a special nest. It stands in the nest and becomes consumed by fire. Out of the ashes of the old Phoenix’s a new Phoenix is born, rising with the morning sun to live again.

What do you do when you are faced with your own fiery ending? You know the ones…the tragic, rock bottom of your existence type of endings. The endings that feel so permanent that there couldn’t possibly be a way back to your previous life. Yup, those type of endings.

Where does healing after loss begin? How does one overcome those desperate feelings? How does one begin to live again?  When all that is in front of you is smoke, how can you see the silver lining?

Well, the short answer is that you don’t, not right away anyways, and that’s okay. Like the Phoenix we need to give ourselves time to heal and regenerate. We need to take a moment to build our nest and accumulate our strength for our next journey. We need to sit among the ashes of our former self so that we can get a clearer understanding of who we are now and where we want to go from here.

When the smoke has settled we can emerge like the Phoenix and begin again. The Phoenix has the wisdom to know that in order to change the existing reality you have to build something new. You have to give yourself time to grieve and even be consumed with those desperate feelings. Because if you truly process the loss and honor it by acknowledging it, you can move on from the ending and into your new beginning.

If you have an ending in your life that is consuming you, use the Phoenix as your totem. When you are healing after loss, pull strength from the Phoenix’s magical ability of life, death and rebirth to realize that every ending is a new beginning. You can heal, overcome and live fully once again.

As the Phoenix rises so shall you!

Check out this beautiful video below:


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