After an energy healing one may experience a healing crisis. The medical term for healing crisis called the Herxheimer Reaction. It is also known as die-off reactions, the reversal process, Lucio’s Phenomena, detoxification crisis or purification reactions.

Energy healing is a deep healing process. Because of this deep healing the body can become overloaded with toxins, past trauma and illnesses. This can trigger a healing crisis.

A healing crisis is part of the natural healing process. Often people will associate them as being bad or negative. Because, most people base their health on how good they feel.

A healing crisis is actually a sign that your body is working hard to eliminate toxins, impurities and imbalances. It is part of the path to restoring health.


Causes of a Healing Crisis

Energy healing speeds up the body’s detoxification process. Through this flushing of the system yeast, viruses and bacteria are quickly dying off. This causes the body to release toxins and imbalances faster Healing Crisisthan the body’s elimination system can process.

Toxins become dislodged and pushed into the bloodstream.  This circulations of impurities can impact your well-being in the form of a healing crisis. The effect is that you feel even worse than before you received the energy healing.

Other causes for crisis are fasting, fermented foods, dehydration and massage.  Also, detoxing too quickly, allergies, saunas and dietary changes can cause a crisis.


Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

The symptoms and pain of the healing crisis can range from mild to intense. The more severe the toxicity, the more intense the crisis. Severity is gauged by how long toxins and emotional trauma have been stored within the body.

When the body is overloaded and trauma has been trapped within the tissues on a cellular level for a long period of time a healing crisis is more prone to occur.

Sometimes a recurrence of a long passed illness may resurface. In particular illnesses such as; shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis and mono.  As well as, past emotional distress.

Symptoms can vary for each person. The areas of the body that are most likely effected by a healing crisis are skin, liver, bladder, kidneys, intestines and lungs.


Indicators of a Healing Crisis






Aches and soreness

Low grade fever

Mood swings


Skin irritations

Stuffy nose


Low blood pressure




Strong emotions

Muscle cramps




Hot/cold flashes

Night sweats

Flu like symptoms

Increased blood pressure

Out of control cravings


How long does a Healing Crisis last?

A crisis is only temporary. They usually last two to three days. However, can extend for much longer periods of time. More than one crisis can occur before balance is restored.

Symptoms will generally taper off day by day. Once the symptoms pass the body is stronger and healthier. Remember the old saying “No pain, no gain”?  It is never more accurate than when a healing crisis occurs.


How to Prevent a Healing Crisis

There are ways to prevent a healing crisis. Meditate before an energy healing. Stay hydrated. Drink lemon infused water and herbal teas.  Make your own electrolyte drink.

Conscious breathing will ease anxiety and stress. Be sure to get a full night’s sleep. Take naps. Eat antioxidant rich foods. Cut out sugar and caffeine if possible.

By doing all these things you are setting the stage for healing. This will prevent an energy healing from shocking your system. Instead, it will ease your body into a gentle healing.


How to treat a Healing Crisis

If you find yourself in the throes of a healing crisis do not fear! There are things you can do to help stabilize your body. Aiding your body during the detoxification process is key to lessening the effects of a crisis.


Drink Up

Electrolytes and enzymes help your body to stay hydrated and move the toxins through more readily. Drinks like lemon water, fermented whey, coconut water, apple cider vinegar and kombucha are great.

Drinking 2 to 4 ounces of fluid every 15 minutes ensures a constant stream of hydration. This will saturate your body aiding in elimination.



Skin is the body’s biggest organ. Sweating out toxins is a tremendous help to the liver. I wouldn’t over exert yourself. A nice steamy bath would do the trick.

Light exercise is helpful in circulating blood in order to move the toxins more quickly. Again, don’t over exert yourself.



My favorite, nothing is more restorative than sleep! Sleep is a critical component to our health. Try to get at least 10 hours of sleep during a healing crisis.



Having a healthy gut is essential to health. Probiotics neutralize toxins and improve gut motility and pathways for elimination.


Bone Broth

Bone broth improves the immune system and reduces inflammation. Homemade bone broth is the way to go. Store bought bone broth doesn’t taste as good nor does it pack the nutritional punch that homemade does.



Have a glass of golden milk. Tumeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects. It is better absorbed when taken with a fat and black pepper.


Easing stress and anxiety helps the body to relax. Relaxing provides more energy for the body to focus on healing. Meditate by consciously breathing deeply. Sit in nature and absorb the sunshine when possible.



Most importantly be patient with yourself. You will need time, space and loving support to heal. Journal about how you are feeling to release emotional roadblocks. Remember there isn’t a quick fix.


On the other side of a healing crisis

Better digestion

Stronger immunity

Healthier circulation

Elimination of pain

Increased energy

Mental clarity

Emotional balance




In conclusion, a healing crisis is an indication the you are on the right path to health. Even though they may make you feel worse than you were before. It is a sure sign that the healing process has begun.

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