Tap into the healing energy of rain.

When I discovered the healing energy of rain it was by chance. I had scheduled a psychic reading with a well known healer. On my way to the appointment it began to rain. Traveling through back roads with twists and turns. I remember being worried about sliding off the road.

After 1 ½ hours of driving I had finally made it to the location. I pulled in the gravel driveway. Looking around I realized there were no other houses within sight.  Instead, there were boundless amounts of trees and greenery. Standing out in the middle of the country hoping to find answers, I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into.

As I walked up to the door all my tension and worry started to slip away with every rain drop that fall on my shoulders. I took a sigh of relief and stepped inside the small tattered cabin. to be greeted by a small Native American man.

He ushered me inside a room with crystals, dream catchers, drums and furs. The rain unleashed. The thunder began to roll and lightening was flashing outside the window. He asked me to take a deep breath and to ground myself before the reading would begin.

I inhaled the smell of fresh rain and exhaled my anxiousness. Then he said something I will never forget “You came on a very powerful day.” “Oh, why is that?” I stammered.  “It’s raining. There is much power in rain. It is the best time to give healings because of the increased energy.”

I looked at him blankly. Glancing towards the window looking out at the rain my soul started to understand.


There is a kinship that exists between rain and nature. Rain renews the earth and fortifies the lands. It soaks into the ground and nourishes plant life. It washes away debris. Rainwater surges through streams and rivers providing drinking water. Rain is an essential life-force.


The healing energy of rain carries elemental energies of water and fire.  Water is a feminine energy relating to intuition, emotion, instincts and psychic sensitivity. Fire is a masculine energy relating to passion, power, determination and creativity. Hence, rain is the balance between these two aspects of energy.


Rain can amplify and charge healing energy. Rain acts like a conduit carrying an electrical current to re-energize and re-vitalize life. It can also, clear away negativity and flush out toxins.  Rain washes away anything that is weak and extraneous.


The healing energy of rain is felt by all the senses: taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing. The percussion and rhythmic sound of rain helps to synchronize the rhythms of the body.  The pulsing energy and roll of thunder heightens senses.


During a rainstorm the energy is more tangible. Because of the clearing energy of rain psychic sensitivity is expanded. With this expansion it is easier to sense spiritual activity. This is why there is a belief that rainstorms increase spiritual activity.


Rain has many healing properties.  Use rain as an energy healing tool to amplify your healing practice. Meditate, cleanse crystals, perform releasing rituals and immerse in healing modalities during rainstorms.

There is much power in the rain. The next time you find yourself stuck in a rainstorm take a moment to let its healing energy wash over you. Harness the healing properties of rain  by acknowledging their presence.

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