8 tips on how to change the atmosphere of a room to create a healing space.

To create a healing space you will need to truly look at the environment around you and take note of how it is affecting you. How does the space make you feel? Does it stir up feelings of disgust? Does it feel mundane and boring? Is it over stimulating your senses?

The atmosphere of a room can affect people’s behavior and mood. If the energy of a room isn’t stirring feelings of joy than the energy is stagnant and blocked. This is an indicator that you need to intentionally change the atmosphere of the space by creating a healing space.

What you put in a room will influence and create the energy contained in the room. Take note of how the furniture, light, colors and objects in the room speak to you. Is there any unnecessary clutter, trash, broken items, blocked walkways or leaks? All of those things will deplete the positive energy of the room.

Changing the atmosphere of a room is one of the most significant ways to create a healing space. I have a few go to tips that I use when I want to create positive energy in a room.

How to Create a Healing Space Tip 1: Fix Broken Things

Create a healing space by fixing broken thingsThe first step to creating a healing space is to fix the things that are broken. Clean the things that are dirty. Remove things that are no longer needed. Take away items that do not bring you joy. By doing these simple things you are eliminating the things that will continue to deplete the room of positive energy.

How to Create A Healing Space Tip 2: Rearrange Furniture

Create a healing space by rearranging furnitureOne of my favorite ways to stir up stagnant energy is to rearrange the furniture. If a person can’t walk around items in the room then positive energy can’t flow around the room. That is why clearing blocked walkways is important to creating a healing space. It allows fresh positive energy to flow freely around the room.

 How To Create a Healing Space Tip 3: Open a Window

Create a healing space by opening a windowAnother way to get the energy flowing is to open up the windows. Pull the curtains back, open the blinds and crack the window open for some fresh air. This will not only bring in positive energy but it will also allow the negative energy to escape and disperse.

 How to Create a Healing Space Tip 4: Add Energy

Create a healing space by adding a plantAdding things to your space can also bring in new energy. Live plants, a fan, additional lighting or a pop color can all aid in ushering in positive energy. Turning on all the lights in a room for about 15 minutes is a great trick to see and feel immediate results.

If your room still feels heavy and dark after implementing all the tips above it may be time for a spiritual cleanse of the room. The below tips are what I recommend for those rooms that need a deeper cleanse in order to become a comfortable healing space.

How to Create a Healing Space Tip 5: Time to Smudge!

Create a healing space by smudgingI recommend smudging with sage. Sage has many unique healing benefits such as: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and it is a relaxant. It has been used thousands of years to perform cleansing rituals. Sage is some powerful stuff!

How to Create a Healing Space Tip 6: Use Crystals

Create a healing space by using crystalsPlace different crystals around the room. Crystals emanate different energetic frequencies that will radiate throughout the space. I would recommend rose quartz for beginners.

How to Create a Healing Space Tip 7: Cleanse With Sound

create a healing space with sound

Cleanse the space with sound. Do this by going around the room and clapping, snapping or singing. If you have a bell you can use it to chime the stagnant energy out of the room. I like to Tibetan Bell music. I will turn the music on and let it play through in the room while I’m cleansing it.

How to Create a Healing Space Tip 8: Cleanse With Smell

Create a healing space with incenseCleanse the space with incense. I like using incense to disperse stagnant energy but a nice smelling candle can do the same thing.

Creating a healing space is about empowering the positive energy in the room and removing the things that deplete the energy. A healing space should speak to all your senses. It should give you a feeling of joy and gratitude. With a little help from the tips above you should be able to create a healing space that re-vitalizes your body, calms your mind and refreshes your spirit.

Leave a comment and let me know if any of these tips worked for you.


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