In my post, Unlocking Your Intuition , you learned how to hone in on which form your intuitive language took. Intuitive information can be perceived through imagery, words, smells, senses, dreams, memories, knowing and gut feelings.

Once you are familiarized in the form that your intuition uses it becomes easier to recognize intuitive information. After recognizing intuitive information the natural inclination is to interpret that information.

Building Blocks

The next step to building your intuition is to learn how to interpret intuitive information.

A lot of times intuitive information will be received and dismissed. How can you interpret something that was tossed to the side and forgotten about?

The experiment below focuses on being able decipher intuitive information. The ability to take in and recall all the intuitive information that you are given during the analysis is imperative.

Tools Needed

You will need a box of crayons along with a recording device. If you don’t have a digital recording device, pen and paper will work just fine.

Record all information given during the intuitive guessing time frame.  This will allow you to see what was truly intuitive information versus, what I refer to as,  “trying to” information.

“Trying to” information is when the mind reasons and reaches for an answer to a problem or question. Intuitive information isn’t obtained by searching for it. Intuitive information comes through imagery, words, smells, senses, dreams, memories, knowing and gut feelings. .

The Experiment

Take a box of crayons and spread them out over a table top.  Shuffle them about to mix the colors around.  Close your eyes and pick up a crayon.

Slowly inhale and exhale three times.  Take this time to clear your mind.

As your intuitive language begins to speak to you record whatever you see, hear, touch, taste, feel and think. If the dog barks in the background record that information. Whatever happens during the experiments time frame RECORD IT! I can’t stress that enough.

Once you form your color guess record both your color guess and the actual crayon color.

Do this experiment at least five times. It is important not to concern yourself with the accuracy of the results.  The intention isn’t to test the accuracy of your intuitive guesses. Instead, it is to learn how to interpret your intuitive language.

Intuitive Information

Look back over the recorded intuitive information after the experiment is completed.  All information is valid even information that is dismissed.

For instance, you might have dismissed the dog that was barking in the background. However, your dog is brown and the crayon you picked was brown. By dismissing this information an opportunity to be able to interpret intuitive information was missed.

Another misstep in interpreting intuitive information is synchronicity. Intuitive information can be out of sync with the timing of your pick.

For instance, when guessing the first crayon as blue but the crayon picked was actually white. However, the second crayon you picked was indeed blue.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Your intuition was correct there was a blue crayon!  But the intuitive information was was out of sync with the timing of the pick. Your intuition was ahead of you.

The more you do this experiment the better! You will become better at understanding what is intuitive information versus what is not.  Being able to decipher which information is intuitive is key to interpreting intuition.

Next Step

The next step to interpreting intuition is to ask questions about what you recorded.  What color was most prevalent in your memories, senses, words, imagery, knowing and gut feelings? Was there even a color?

What was the feeling behind the recordings? Was the feeling sad? Cold? Warm? Happy?

By drilling down further and further by asking questions you will garner more and more information about what your intuition was telling you.

Interpreting Intuition

This part is hard to explain. To understand how intuition works it needs to be experienced. You can begin to interpret intuition after gaining more information.

Eventually, you will be able to correlate memories, senses, words, imagery, knowing and gut feelings into viable information.

There is a translation that occurs like learning a new language. You begin to relate the meaning behind your intuitive language to a tangible understanding.

I would love to know how the experiment worked for you!  How is your intuition speaking to you?



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