As we creep closer to November the atmosphere becomes more electric and visceral.  This is because there is a major energy shift that happens during Halloween. Halloween is a day that aligns the magical properties of the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  Hence, the magical properties aligning together creates a palpable energy shift.

Thinning of the Veil

The palpable energy shift is referred to as the thinning of the veil. The veil between the mystical and the tangible starts to come into balance. The balance makes both energies accessible. During this time natural intuitive and psychic abilities are heightened. Your spirit is re-awakened to the universal connection. Also, there is a remembrance of oneness that is stirred within your soul.

Effects of the Shift

Halloween is a time where energy blocks are readily overcome. The energy shift allows psychic energy to flow freely. Therefore, Complications with communication are eased. Healing is sped up. Releasing and surrendering old habits takes less effort. In short, the shift creates connection to energy pathways. Those energy pathways aide in removing anything that is preventing spiritual progress.

The major energy shift during Halloween is also found where there is an energy crossover or a state of in-between exists. Anywhere that there are two elements sharing the same space a change in energy is created such as:

land and water
rock and soil/sand
sky and mountain
sky and water
hills and valleys
night and day
hot and cold

As you can see, anywhere that there is an overlap between times, places, feelings, thoughts, emotions or elements an energy shift is created.

Take a moment to add distinction and reverence in your life. Do this by acknowledging the energy shift during Halloween. Honor the things that you have released. Bless  things that are yet to come. Also, thank those things that are already in existence in your life.

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