4 Reasons on why you are blocked from manifesting your dreams

Blocked from manifesting your dreams
Blocked from Manifesting Your Dreams

Have you been blocked from manifesting your dreams? I’ve been blocked myself. I’ve set my intentions, made the vision board and even feng shui’d my space. I have prayed, meditated and tried to will my dreams into fruition. Yet, despite all my efforts and faith in the law of attraction techniques I hit a wall. The universe sent me a resounding NO to my aspirations.

You are not alone if you  have experienced a road block on the way to manifesting your dreams. It is easy to lose faith and become discouraged when your path is blocked. Especially, when you feel that you have done everything right.

The dream you wanted to manifest was starting to blossom. Things were working in your favor.Your beliefs and trust in the probability of your dreams manifesting were working. Then the universe gives you a giant road block , much like the knight in Monty Python who declares “None shall pass!”

Would you believe me if I said that road block on your path to manifesting your dreams is actually a blessing in disguise?  How can being blocked be a blessing?

I have 4 good reasons why being may blocked from manifesting your dreams is a blessing in disguise.


There are times we don’t get the all clear from the universe, because, well it’s not all clear. In other words, you are being protected from the unseen. The road block from the universe isn’t a punishment it is protection.

Unfortunately, we don’t always see it as protection when we hit the road block.However, hindsight is 20/20. Once you move past the current situation you will be able to look back with gratitude. You will gain an understanding on why you were not able to manifest your dreams in the way you had hoped.


The universe wants the very best for us. It could be possible that our dreams aren’t big enough. Maybe our dreams aren’t a good fit for us. The saying “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind. Not having your dreams manifest can sometimes mean there is something better in store for you.


The old saying “the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing” rings true in this case.  There are times that we are not mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially prepared for our dreams to manifest. If the universe says “NO”, it could be saying “YES but not now.”


Finally, the information and experience you have along the way to realizing your dreams can lead you in a new direction.Redirection of your dreams can happen when you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Hence, adapting your dreams and having them morph into something new may be why you received a road block.

Manifest Your Dreams
Manifest Your Dreams


In conclusion if you have been blocked from manifesting your dreams don’t be discouraged. Remember you are being protected, prepared and realigned to your true destiny. Road blocks can be blessings in disguise. They are put in place to ensure that you receive the right thing at the right time. Therefore, I encourage you to continue believing in your ability to manifest your dreams even when things appear to be blocked.

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