I had forgotten my roots in energy healing. It wasn’t until I started to feel physically ill that I took time to reflect. Something was out of balance and I needed to heal.


For a long time now I’ve been rushed. Once I had my son, my pace of life skyrocketed. I hadn’t noticed how hurried I felt until I became sick. The funny thing is, that for a long time my intuition had beckoned me to slow down.

I didn’t listen to my gut. Instead, I pushed through and persevered over my exhaustion. After all, there was always something else or someone else I had to tend to.


One night while laying in bed I felt a flutter in my chest. At first, I thought it was the beginning of a panic attack. Something was different about this flutter. I observed myself and took note of how I was feeling. What was my body really saying to me?

I wasn’t anxious. I didn’t have any racing thoughts. I was relaxed, yet, my heart rate continued to elevate. This was not to be dismissed. My heart was racing. It seemed that my heart began to mimic my fast-paced of life.


After a trip to the doctor, I found that I had something called tachycardia. My heart rate was above the normal bpm. A battery of tests would soon follow. The doctors were worried about my liver, my heart, and my thyroid. They would later diagnose me with Graves Disease.

With this diagnosis, I finally took the time to reflect on my life. As an intuitive healer, I knew the root cause for this health issue. This was a physical manifestation of the energy imbalance of my throat chakra.

To heal this imbalance I was going to have to go back to the beginning of my energy healing journey.


Poison Ivy and Energy Healing

It all started with a bad case of poison ivy.

In 2006 I was living in a cute little townhouse that had such an adorable patio area.  To the right of sliding glass doors leading to the patio was a flower bed with beautiful cascading English ivy. A red privacy fence surrounded the entire patio area. There was a little shed in the corner. It was cute and quaint.

I decided to sunbathe that day. I never sunbathe. I found it boring and hot. I likened it to turning like a hamburger on a grill. It wasn’t my cup of tea. However, this day was different. I wanted to enjoy my patio and the new summer sun.

I put on my cute little orange and yellow two-piece swimsuit. I say two-piece because I wasn’t quite brave enough to wear a bikini. I needed a bandeau top and boy shorts to feel confident in a swimsuit.

I was determined to get a golden tan. I grabbed the baby oil and headed for the sun.  Baby oil is also something I never do! I always wore sunscreen for fear of the dreadful sunburn. However, this day I slathered the baby oil on my stomach, arms, legs, and face.

I glistened in the sun. I was doing my best to enjoy my day. However, there was one thing that kept bothering me. Whenever the wind would blow an ivy vine would tickle my nose. It was very distracting, I couldn’t possibly be peaceful with this stray ivy vine tapping me on the nose every two seconds.

I opened the shed and retrieved my gardening shears. I was determined to take care of the situation. I wasn’t going to let a vine keep me from basking in the sun.


I chopped away at the ivy vine like the Tasmanian Devil. Once I was satisfied with the results I scooped up the vines and threw them in a lawn bag.

After I slayed the vines I resumed my position on the plastic lounge chair.  The breeze kissed my oiled skin in the hot sun. I baked until I was just the right color. It was a glorious relaxing sunny day. A great start to the summer!


The next morning I woke up as usual and took a shower. While I was in the shower I looked down at my golden glow to realize it wasn’t a golden glow after all. I was red hot and pink everywhere. Looking at it you would think it was a bad sunburn. You would be wrong.

That strand of ivy that was tapping on my nose was not just any ivy, it was poison ivy. To top it off the baby oil I had used ensured that I would have the worst case of poison ivy I have ever had in my life!

Poison ivy was everywhere! It was on my face, my stomach, my thighs you name it and it was there. My face swelled to the size of a softball. My stomach was a brilliant red that I can only compare to an intense burn.

I used all the medications possible. I did all the home remedies. I took hot showers, I applied baking soda paste, mud masks, apple cider vinegar rinses and oatmeal baths. Nothing was working.


I called my mom for ideas on how I could soothe the rash. She told me about a class she had taken to learn Reiki. Mom suggested that I come over so that she could perform Reiki on me. She was sure that performing energy healing on me would give me some relief. I thought it was a bunch of hogwash but at that point, I was desperate for just one moment of ease.

Laying down on my Mom’s floor I closed my eyes in preparation to receive Reiki. I was unsure of what to expect or if I should expect anything at all. Mom placed her hands above my face where my poison ivy was the worst.

Right off the bat, it felt as if something was pulling away from me. The best way I can describe it is like heat radiating off of a hot road. I could not believe what I was feeling.

As she continued to give me Reiki she held my right foot in her hand. She placed her thumb in the middle of the arch of my foot. There was a tug through my body like someone pulling off a blanket from the bed. I could feel the toxic energy flow out of my foot. I had never felt anything like that in my life.

I left Mom’s wondering what the heck I had just experienced.


The next day I woke up and looked in the mirror. The swelling in my face had deflated like a beach ball with a slow leak. My stomach was a pale pink. My legs only had the reminder of a previous poison ivy rash in the form of dry skin. For the next three days, I continued to improve.

From that day on I was hooked. I had a new passion to understand the mystery of what I had experienced with Reiki. My quest for enchantment started with learning about energy healing and Reiki.


When I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease it called me back to my roots. It made me remember everything that I had spent the last twelve years learning about energy healing.

I stopped,  meditated and waited for my intuition to answer me. My intuition answered. It said “Look inside, listen to your body, you know what it is telling you. You know how to heal yourself. Have you forgotten who you are?”


I have learned sometimes things happen in life to call you back to yourself. To make you listen. To make you have to change. Complacency is not what our souls desire. Our souls desire to expand.

It was time for me to slow down. It was time for me to listen to my intuition. My soul wanted balance. My soul wanted to expand, it wanted to learn and it wanted to be free.

It was time for me to go back to the beginning. If I wanted to start my healing process I needed to return to my roots in energy healing.

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Twelve years ago I began my quest for healing. I felt ill, lost, broken and heartsick. I experienced profound results with energy healing. We can become so lost in our illness and circumstances in life that we lose all hope. If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to start your quest for healing with Energy Healing Blog.


  1. Lovely, even i was awestruck when i initially started using reiki on me. It worked and help me to be more calmer irrespective of everything around. Now whenever my body shows me an issue, i exactly know where to work on (which chakra). Keep it up ! 🙂

  2. The awareness that you gain from Reiki truly does make you stop and listen to what your body is telling you. Thank you for the encouragement! More to come…

  3. This is so beautiful. And I can totally relate to it. I am a Lyme sufferer and a breast cancer survivor. I have to take care of my soul if I want my body to follow. My body doesn’t always coooerate, but my soul does.

    1. Yes, the struggle it’s hard to find time to listen to our soul and body. It’s an important factor on the road to healing.

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