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After I found my Reiki Master it was time to go to my first Reiki class. I thought that the class would answer all my curiosities about energy healing. Little did I know that it would leave me with more questions than I came with.


The day of my first Reiki class I was still skeptical about my ability to perform energy healings. Would I be able to do what my mother and Freya were able to do? They were able to facilitate healing by using their hands. They could sense and feel energy with their hands. I was very doubtful that I would be able to do the same.

My Reiki Master Teacher, Freya, was a kind older woman with piercing blue eyes. She told the class how she had learned Reiki from a Nun. How she loved giving and receiving Reiki. That Reiki was very soothing to her.

She told us stories of how energy healing had worked on her friends to heal emotional scars. Reiki could be used through distant healing.


Energy Healing AttunementFreya lead us through a guided meditation. She drew the Cho Ku Rei symbol and instructed us to practice drawing it. After we had learned how to draw the symbol she showed us the hand techniques. Afterwards, we were ready for our attunements.

Attunements are conducted in a protected sacred space. The intention is to attune your energy or elevate your energy signal. When your energy is at a higher frequency it is easier to channel chi.

During the attunement I learned how to harness energy and direct it. I call this process becoming a conduit for energy. The energy is already there you just learn how to move it.


Energy Healing SymbolsAt my first Reiki attunement Freya drew Reiki symbols on my hands. She meditated and visualized the symbols on my chakras.

People get very uncomfortable about the symbols in Reiki. To me the symbols are more of a visual tool to hone my focus. I also, don’t use the symbols all the time. You can take them or leave them in my opinion.

After the attunement we were sent to a room to journal. Freya wanted us to capture the nuances that we perceived around us.


I remember sitting on the couch looking out the window. I didn’t have my glasses on but somehow I could see everything so clearly. The trees outside looked as if I were watching high definition TV. They were so green and glowing. I could see all the details in the leaves and the branches. It appeared that the trees were breathing.

Nature was no longer a background but a living breathing organism. It was alive!

What I understand now looking back on my experience with my first Reiki attunement was that I was seeing the tree’s aura.  An aura is the energy field that surrounds living things.


Energy Healing PendulumAt the end of the Reiki class Freya showed me how to see the energy coming from my hands. She held a pendulum about two inches from my palm.  The pendulum began to swing in a circle pattern.

I remember closely watching Freya’s hand to see if she was moving the pendulum herself. I was very quick to debunk her method. There was a slight movement in her hand.

I was still very curious about pendulums. Before that moment I had never seen a pendulum before. This phenomenon that allegedly happens with the pendulum intrigued me. I put on my list of things to research.

Before class was over Freya instructed us to journal every night, to use Reiki on ourselves and begin using it on friends and family in order to become more familiar with it.

I left with more questions than what I had before I attended class. There was still so much more to discover about energy healing. My first stop was to discover everything I could about pendulums.

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