After the poison ivy day, something awakened in me. It made me curious about things I couldn’t explain. That day would spur me on into my quest of understanding energy healing.

The Quest Begins

I started researching Reiki. Which by the way, is a healing technique where the practitioner activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body, mind, and spirit by channeling chi. Chi is also known as life force energy.

During my research, my fascination grew to a point that I decided that I wanted to learn energy healing for myself. I begin researching Reiki Master Teachers in Cincinnati.

Reiki Master Found

Back in 2006, there weren’t very many Reiki Masters in Cincinnati. I found one with a colorful web page that included a bio of the Reiki Master Teacher. I called the number and hoped for the best.

A soft voice came over the phone. She introduced herself as Freya. I asked her about taking one of her Reiki classes. She explained that her next class would be in two weeks. However, she was insistent that she would not teach me Reiki until I had an energy healing session with her.

I scheduled the appointment for the next day because I was determined not to miss her next Reiki class.

Finding a Reiki Master

Let the Magic Begin

Freya had a Tudor style brick home. I remember looking at the greenery surrounding her house. Giant old oak trees, daylilies, ornamental shrubs and grass as green as a golf course. I was keenly aware of the birds singing and the sound of a dog barking in the distance.

Inside Freya’s home was a sunlit room with a massage table in the center. There was a crystal chime hanging from the ceiling. It was twirling in the sunshine, reflecting tiny cascading rainbows around the room.

Cascading Rainbows Everywhere

Freya giggled and mentioned how special that the rainbows were flickering across the room. She said that particular crystal never catches the light. In fact, it had only happened one other time to her recollection. Apparently, these tiny rainbows meant that my angels were near, at least according to Freya.

I looked again at the crystal. It was hanging in a dark corner with only one beam of sunlight directly hitting the crystal. It looked very angelic as if a miracle was about to take place.

Freya asked me to lay on the massage table while she put some meditation music on. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Relaxing isn’t something that came easily to me. I had to concentrate on taking deep breaths.

Freya was at the head of the massage table. The CD player on the other side of the room began to play ocean sounds.

Blue Electric Waves

While I was receiving Reiki I had a very distinct image come into my mind’s eye. There were blue electric waves running underneath my arms. It looked like the energy created from a Telsa Ball. However, it was more smooth and steady.

I become more cognizant in attempts to try to understand what I was sensing. It felt as if I was floating an inch off of the massage table. I even opened my eyes to assure myself that I was still safely in place on the massage table.

The sound of whales began to reverberate through the room. I distinctly remember not liking that sound. Freya, on the other hand, adored the sound. To her it was peaceful. To me it was unnerving.

“When I glanced in my rear-view mirror there was a smile on my face that took me by surprise.”

Feeling Lighter and Brighter

When the session was over I spoke briefly about my experiences to Freya. She fluttered about the room as I spoke. I remember trying to get some sort of confirmation that those sorts of things happen to everyone. Freya only smiled and hugged me as I left.

Since that day I have never experienced the blue electric wave sensation again. To this day, on occasion, I find myself missing that peculiar sensation.

When I left Freya’s house I was more joyous than I could remember ever being in at least the past two years. There was this cleared space within my body. I felt lighter. When I glanced in my rear-view mirror there was a smile on my face that took me by surprise.

Everything Was Vibrations

I switched on the radio and found that I couldn’t listen to anything but classical music. My alternative rock, pop music, and country stations weren’t appealing to me. I found lyrics that hadn’t bothered me before become emblazoned with low energy and vibrations.

You see, I was noticing the energy of things around me. The sound of the music, the feeling of sunshine on my skin, the taste of the water…everything now had a vibration.

Not only was I aware of the vibration, but I could also now differentiate between things that had a higher more pure vibration and those that had a muddled lower vibration.

I continued my drive home in a euphoric state. My soul was aglow with anticipation of learning energy healing and Reiki for myself.

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Twelve years ago I began my quest for healing. I felt ill, lost, broken and heartsick. I experienced profound results with energy healing. We can become so lost in our illness and circumstances in life that we lose all hope. If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to start your quest for healing with Energy Healing Blog.


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