Interpreting Healing Energy

Interpreting healing energy was my next endeavor. My understanding of energy healing was growing. My next step was to not only feel the energy but be able to interpret what the energy was telling me.

I began by practicing on myself. Each night I would give myself energy healing. I noticed when I placed my hands on certain areas it would feel as if the energy wasn’t running. I would quickly move to the next area not understanding why I didn’t feel the energy in that particular place.

Extra Help

I needed extra help so, I began to use my pendulum in tandem with the placement of my hands. Whenever the energy felt different I would stop and use the pendulum. Paying careful attention to how the pendulum was swinging.

Whenever I sensed the energy wasn’t flowing the pendulum would indicate that there was a blockage. I would then spend more time giving energy healing to that area. Eventually, the energy would flow.

By sensing what the energy was doing and having it confirmed by the pendulum I began to trust myself. I trusted what I was sensing. I could discern that when the energy didn’t flow it meant I needed to spend more time in that area.

Indulge Curiosity

I wanted to test my intuition and my ability to sense and interpret healing energy. I asked my friends and family if they would be willing participators in my experiment.Thankfully they decided to indulge my curiosity.

I wanted to see if I could sense how the energy was flowing before I began an energy healing session.

I would take my hands and hover them about four inches away from their body. I would slowly go from their head to their toes sensing the energy.

Finding More

What I found was I wasn’t just sensing the lack of energy flow but I could feel other things as well. There were strange sensations that I wasn’t sure how to interpret.

Once I felt a tiny prick on my hand. As if a needle had jumped out of their body and hit my palm.

Another time I could feel a dense heaviness like a thick goo that clung to my fingers. When I moved my hand it felt like the goo would stretch and follow me like a string of slime.

There was a time that I felt extreme cold coming from an area of their body. Something else I felt was intense heat radiating from their body.

What’s Happening

Each time I felt something different I would talk it over with the person I was working on. I found that sometimes they would feel different things than what I was sensing. In particular when I felt cold emanating from them, they would feel heat generating from me.

When I felt a prick or pain in an area they would indicate an issue that they had in that area. Alternatively, some people didn’t feel anything at all.

What I gathered from this is that what I was experiencing as an Energy Healer was different than what the other person was experiencing.

Interpreting Information

I truly wanted to understand the reason of why I would feel the energy in different ways. There had to be a reason. There first thing I was able to empathically interpret was pain.

Those little pricks I felt jump to my hand turned into pain in my physical body. Whenever the person I was working on had pain in their body, I was able to feel it in the same location in my body.

I was able to intuitively interpret the meaning behind the sensation of coldness. Whenever I sensed cold radiating from a certain area of the body that signaled inflammation. On the other hand, the client would feel heat because the energy was drawing out the heat that was trapped by the inflammation.

Other Healers

I spoke to other Energy Healers about what I was sensing with healing energy. They say that the sensation behind in the energy is not important and nothing to focus on. To continue to go with the flow.

They would say not to tell the client anything about what you were sensing as it can be disruptive to their body, mind and spirit.

Others would say they couldn’t feel anything at all. Their job was to go through the motions with intentions and visualizations of raising the other person’s energy.

The Reason

That was their truth. I thought there were good things to take away from each of their philosophies. But, I had to find my own way. My own understanding behind the reasons for these sensations.

What I was starting to understand about myself. I was an empath. I was intuitive. This is why I could pick up on the subtle energy changes and sensations.

This is why I was instinctively discerning what each of the sensations I felt during energy healing meant.

Next Chapter

Now that I was learning that there was more to energy healing than what I have first perceived I was on to my next mission. I wanted to find an energy healing course that would be more in depth than what I had learned in my first Reiki class.


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