5 Need to know SEO tips for growing your WordPress Blog Grow SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is pivotal in growing your WordPress Blog. I have studied many articles on how to improve SEO during my blogging tenure on WordPress. I want to provide a clear and concise starting point for your journey into gaining search engine optimization for your blog.

What is SEO?

Remember the old card catalog systems that the libraries used to have? You could search by title, author or subject to find the book you were looking for. Well, SEO is the card catalog system of the internet.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what search engines use to crawl over and index a website. Search Engine Optimization is what clues Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc. in on what your blog is all about.

In order for the search engines to be able to catalog your site you have to map out what your particular blog or blog post will be about. Being clear about your subject matter will prove to be a benefit in aiding the success of your WordPress Blog.


Have a clear picture about the subject matter of your blog. Pinpoint what topic you will be writing about.  Hone in on one focus keyword for your writing.

What is the cliff note version of your topic? How do you want others to search for your blog?  If your blog had a mission statement or motto, what would it be?

Mastering SEO begins with figuring out your focus keyword.  Remember SEO is about creating reference point so that the search engines know how to categorize and index your site.


Figuring out the focus keyword will help steer your blog post towards garnering SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Put the keyword to work in order to gain the spotlight of the search engines.

How to use keywords for SEO:

  •  Place keyword in the title of the blog post.
  •  Use the keyword n the URL of the blog post.
  • Put the keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph.
  • Sprinkle the keyword throughout the blog post.
  • Use the keyword as a tag or category to the blog post.

Using the focus keyword in the above ways will make it easier for the search engines to recognize the content and SEO of your WordPress blog post. To further validate your keyword include them with the media on the WordPress blog post.


The pictures and media used in your WordPress blog have the power to grab the attention of the search engines.  Include keywords with your pictures to further establish the content and SEO of your WordPress blog.

How to use the pictures for SEO:

  •  Include the keyword in the title of the picture
  •  Include the keyword in the URL of the picture
  • Place the keyword in the description of the picture

Once you have painted a picture with your keyword you are well on your way to optimizing the SEO of your WordPress blog.  The last thing to think about is the readability of your content.


The readability of your blog is just as important as your aiming for optimizing your SEO. Below are a few tips on what to check for when looking at readability.

  • Look for overuse of keyword. Using the keyword 7 to 8 uses in a 500 word blog is plenty.
  • Create diversity in sentence structure by using a short sentence than a long sentence and so forth.
  • Ensure sentences do not begin with the same word/way.
  • Create flow to your post.
  • Make sure that the post is easy to follow.

With these simple tips you will be well on your way to garnering search engine optimization. See my post about business killers to avoid common pitfalls for start up businesses.






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