The crown chakra is the seventh chakra in the body’s energy system.  The purpose of this chakra is to connect us to universal life force energy. This chakra creates a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment.

Normally, this chakra is not fully open in most of us. Although, many pictures of saints and other spiritual leaders will depict a halo around their head indicating a full enlightened crown chakra.

Background Information

It is located at the top of the head and is associated with the color purple. However, when viewing the aura it can show up as a brilliant white, gold or multicolored.

The age of development for the crown chakra is 43-49. It corresponds to the root chakra meaning when the crown chakra is weak the root chakra will overcompensate and vice versa.

This chakra represents spirituality, self-realization and enlightenment.  The sensory function of the crown chakra is cosmic awareness.

Body Part Effected by the Crown Chakra

The associated body parts for the crown chakra are the upper brain, eyes and pineal gland. When this chakra is out of balance these areas will be the first to show the symptoms.

Crown Chakra Focus and Balance

The crown chakra brings the realization that letting go is not surrendering or sacrificing but allowing and trusting in the flow of life force energy. The crown chakra is empowered by letting go of the need to control and just being.

When the crown chakra is in balance one will feel joyful, open minded, spiritual, centered and in general good health.

Symptoms of an Out of Balance Crown Chakra

When the crown chakra is out of balance different symptoms may arise such as:

  • Auto immune disorders
  • Life threatening disease
  • Mental illness
  • Sadness
  • Flighty
  • Dizzy
  • Confusion
  • Issues with eye-sight
  • Headaches
  • Lack of intuition
  • Bitterness
  • Emotional instability
  • Discontent
  • Uneasiness
  • Disconnected
  • Not satisfied

How to Balance the Crown Chakra

There are several ways one can bring balance back to the crown chakra. I will go through each of the components and techniques on how to bring alignment back to the crown chakra below.

The Color White

The first way is to surround yourself with the color white. Wear white, paint your room white or look at the color white.

Being around white will re-charge your crown chakra and amplify the life force energy flowing through your body’s energy system.

Visualizations Using White

Another way I use the color white is to pull in white energy. I raise my non-dominant hand, for me that is my left hand, close my eyes and visualize white energy being drawn to it like a lightning rod.  I pull the white light down from my hand through to my toes. Visualizing its brilliance as it passes through my body.

One final way I re-charge/balance my crown chakra is to sit in the sunlight. Again visualizing the suns energy being soaked up by my body and through each of my chakras.

Be prepared to feel an influx of energy. After I do these techniques I’m usually full of energy and have trouble falling asleep that night.

Lotus Blossom

Crown Chakra Lotus Tea

I haven’t used this technique personally but I do know it has helped others. Being around lotus blossoms has helped triggered the crown chakra to open up. Staring at an image of a lotus blossom unconsciously triggers the crown chakra to open up like the petals of the lotus.

Drinking lotus blossom tea is a sure fire way to bring the energy of the lotus into the crown chakra. This is something that Buddhist monks use to symbolize enlightenment.


The keynote for the crown chakra is B. The vowel Eee also resonates with this chakra. Chanting the sound Om will also aide in bringing balance to the chakra.

I will admit I’ve chanted Om a few times before and I love the way this sound reverberates in my body. If you aren’t comfortable singing or chanting these sounds a quick youtube search on crown chakra meditation will provide the perfect way to listen inconspicuously.

You know I love Tibetan Bells so here is my choice for the crown chakra.


Clear energy blockages with selenite, clear quartz, amethyst or diamond. These crystals work with opening and activating the crown chakra. They help to expand consciousness and reveal destructive patterns and brings connection to the world around you.

You can use the crystals by placing them under your pillow at night. Or you can place a crystal in each hand and close your eyes while they crystals transform your energy field. Be warned if you place these crystals under your pillow you may have some pretty crazy dreams!

I personally like to use clear quartz as it has a gentler energy than the other crystals. Amethyst is very powerful and if your energy isn’t stable enough it can do more harm than good.  I use selenite to sweep my aura but not to meditate with. Selenite tends to give me a headache if I’m in contact with it for too long.


If you are the type of person who loves candles and incense than using aromatic oils will come natural to you. I would recommend rosewood oil.

Rosewood oil has a mild, sweet yet spicy floral aroma. It helps to bring a sense of joy and satisfaction into your senses. It helps in gaining a positive perspective on life.

This method is something I would like to try. Rosewood oil in especially, doesn’t it sound delightful! I mean,  who couldn’t use more joy in their life?


Bach flower remedies for the crown chakra are wild rose and chesnut. Wild rose will assist in forming a new interest in life. They are said to usher in a joyful expectation of better things to come. Flexibility and freedom to enjoy the flow of life will gradually start to come back.

Whereas, chesnut will help with thought processes and mental stability. Anxiety, fear and worry allow with back and forth thoughts will dissipate. It helps one to think clearly and deal calmly with situations.

I have used homeopathic remedies for hyperthyroidism but not for the crown chakra in particular. I can tell a difference when I take them versus when I haven’t. I’m curious to hear your stories about bach flower remedies.


Detoxifying helps your body to dispose of what it no longer needs. Eliminating toxins refreshes the body’s energy system. This can be done by fasting, drinking plenty of liquids, or sweating.

Sitting in a hot tub or sauna for a few minutes is a quick and easy way to detoxify. This helps the body to dispose of toxins through sweating.  Remember it is important to rehydrate after doing some of these techniques.  Fasting and sweating isn’t right for everyone. I

The truth is I’m not a person who can fast nor do I like to sweat. Instead, I chose to hydrate as a way to detoxify. I do this by cutting up a few lemons and placing them in a pitcher to infuse the water with a nice citrus flavor. To me this is more refreshing than squeezing the lemon directly into the water. I will drink the lemon water throughout the day.

Crown Chakra Lemon Water

Detoxifying Bath

Crown Chakra

I love baths! They are so relaxing to me, so this is one of my most used and easiest ways to restore my soul.

I create a detoxifying bath by adding a cup of Epson salts to a tub of hot water. Then I soak in the detoxifying bath for thirty minutes while inhaling and exhaling deeply during that time.

The Epson salts draw out any negative energy while the deep breathing technique allows the Sha Chi  (stagnate energy) to escape and fresh Sheng Chi  (fresh energy) to fill the lungs.

One of my favorite bath salts is Village Naturals White Tea and Jasmine. I love the smell of white tea and jasmine! I also like their aches and pains mineral bath soak as well. It is has eucalyptus and menthol which really opens up the sinuses while easing muscle pain. I’ve found both these products at Walmart, Meijer and Amazon.



I use smudging as a spiritual purification process. The first step I take before I smudge is to clean the room I’m going to perform the smudging in.  This helps to clear the room of stagnant energy. Then I open a window or a door to let the Sha Chi escape and let the Sheng Chi in.

Before I begin smudging I state my intention of purifying the room and myself.

I perform smudging with white sage. I don’t feel that it is necessary to use an entire smudge stick. Instead, I will use just one or two leafs of sage stick.  I light the sage leafs and place them in my smudge shell.

I walk around the room using my hands to wave the sage smoke to all corners of the room. Once the entire space has been smudged I begin to smudge my body with the sage. I wave the smoke towards the top of my head and continue to wave the smoke down my entire body. I end by waving a circle of smoke in the air.

Something to note is if your sage burns out and no longer smokes it means that the space is totally clear and there is no need to continue to smudge. Also, if you have a medical condition such as allergies or asthma this technique may not be suited to you.


Releasing any negative attachments that you hold in your mind such as; a grudge, emotional pattern or belief system is a way to bring balance back to the crown chakra.  When you let go emotionally and mentally by forgiving you are, essentially, hitting the reset button for the crown chakra. Forgiving clears any blockages that could prevent life force energy from circulating within the crown chakra.


Use your best judgment on what technique and practices will work for you. Check back soon to find out about the sixth chakra.


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