Unlocking Your Intuition

The first step to unlocking your intuition is to discover the unique language in which your intuition communicates with you. Intuition uses any and all means to communicate to you. The question is, have you paid close enough attention to discover the language of your intuition?

Intuition guides us by showing us signs, synchronicities, affirmations, repetitive thoughts and feelings. Intuition can speak to you through imagery, words, smells, senses, dreams, memories, a knowing and gut feelings.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, what everyone came here for, finding out how to unlock your intuition! It is simple really, all you need is a box of crayons. Are you still with me?  Having a hard time believing me on this one, huh?

The Experiment

The crayons will help you discover the ways in which your intuition communicates with you. I want you take a box of crayons and dump them out on a table, mix them around and make a real mess of them.

Take a moment to get centered. You can center yourself by slowly inhaling and exhaling three times. I want you to be fully aware of any thoughts you have during this time. Pay attention to your surroundings, what noises do you hear, what smells can you smell, what thoughts are rolling through your head. . .

Now close your eyes and pick up a crayon. No peeking! As you hold the crayon in your hand focus on the weight and shape of the crayon. When you are ready guess the color of the crayon that you picked. Now open your eyes and look at your crayon.

Try not to focus on whether you guessed the color correctly or not. I ask you to disregard the perceived result of your guess. What I want you do is to reflect on what was going on inside your world during this experiment. This is because everything you experienced during the game was your intuition’s way of communicating to you. Did you hear a noise? See an image? Recall a memory? Did you have a gut feeling?

Often when I ask people those questions after the experiment they will say things like “I smelled the brownies baking in the oven.” “I felt the warmth of the sun on my face.” “I remembered swimming in the lake.” All of these things were indicators of how their intuition communicated to them.

The Results

Let me explain a little further on how those things were all indicators from their intuition. The warmth of the sun could have been suggesting a warmer color tone. The smell of the brownies could have suggested an earthy color tone. The memory of swimming could have suggested a cooler color tone.

You see intuition communicates through any and all means. If you pay close enough attention you will be able to pick up on and understand those intuitive clues.

The point of using a box of crayons to unlock your intuition is not to guess the color correctly but to listen to and understand how your intuition communicates with you. Once you have a better understanding of how your intuition is communicating, you can start to translate and interpret those communications into messages.

So how did your intuition speak to you? Was it through imagery, words, smells, senses, memories, a knowing or a gut feeling?


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