Using a pendulum for energy healing
Rose Quartz Pendulum

After my first Reiki class my curiosity was peaked in trying to understand how to use a pendulum.  After much practice I would begin to understand and master how to use a pendulum.

Rose Quartz Pendulum

Freya had gifted me a rose quartz pendulum after my first Reiki attunement. She had spoken to how the pendulum was an extension of my energy field/aura.

Pendulums are an intuitive device that work similar to dowsing rods. Freya mentioned that it was imperative that I figure out what a yes and a no swinging patterns were. This could be done by simply saying out loud “show me a yes” and then watching how the pendulum would swing.

I went home and began my research on pendulums. I was still skeptical of the idea of a pendulum swinging on its own with no intentional force created by the holder.

Yes or No

I started with finding out what a yes or a no swing would look like. Instead of asking what it would look like, in my mind I told the pendulum what my yes and no swing patterns would be. A yes would swing in a full circle. A no would swing back and forth.

I dropped the rose quartz medallion down and let the chain of the pendulum softly dangle in my hand. I placed my elbow on the table to ensure I would have less physical movement and I waited for it to swing. Slowly but surely my pendulum swung in a circle for yes. I asked it to stop and it did. I asked for a no and it swung back and forth.

Direction of Motion

I was amazed. I held the pendulum over each of my chakras and observed the motion and direction of the swing. The pendulum wasn’t swinging in a circle or a back and forth motion. Sometimes it would swing wildly over a certain chakra. Sometimes it reversed its swing.

It would take me another year to fully comprehend what the motion paths of a pendulum meant. What I did perceive that night was in order to get a clear intuitive reading on the pendulum your mind had to be clear on the ask and free from interference. If I wasn’t clear with the question I was asking my pendulum would reflect the lack of control. Likewise, if I was hoping to see a wide swing my pendulum would oblige.

A Year Later

After much practice on family members and friends I had a better understanding of what the swing of a pendulum’s motion path meant. A clockwise swing meant that a chakra was open and balanced. A side to side swing meant the chakra was closed and imbalanced. An elliptical swing meant the chakra was open but not in balance.

Whenever I see the pendulum swinging wildly, changing directions, spinning rapidly or spinning widely I know there is a shift or chaos happening in the person’s life at the moment.

None of those movements are “bad”. It is a snapshot in time of how a person’s energy field is behaving. Energy fields are dynamic and change throughout a person’s life.

A Neat Trick

During my time exploring I had attended the Victory of Light Festival with a fellow Energy Healer. There was a booth selling beautiful crystal and glass pendulums. The pendulums were all hanging from a wooden rod throughout the booth.

My friend showed me a really neat trick. He placed his hand under one of the pendulums that was hanging up and it began to spin!

This took any remaining doubt from my mind that pendulums a hoax. They were indeed a energy healing tool. There was no physical movement that was causing the pendulum to swing or move. It was moving simply because it was in the energy field of my friend’s hand.

I too placed my hand underneath the row of pendulums. One began to spin, than two, than three until I had the entire row of pendulums swinging.

More to Discover

Using a pendulum was one of my first tools that I used as an energy healer. It helped me to physically see what was going on energetically with my clients.

There were many more things that I wanted to discover about energy healing. One of the more fascinating things for me was to gain the ability to feel healing energy in my hands.



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